Argus Business Suite

Argus Business Suite (ABS) is an ERP Software for SMEs, developed locally in Qatar through several years of research and development, which can befit to the Gulf Region’s Organizational Requirements with Business Reengineering Process [BPR] Capabilities. We have a thorough understanding Middle East business process and compliances, thus ABS is born. Our number of satisfied customers in last 7 years clearly indicates that ABS stand out from others on account of be spoke customization and finest implementation capabilities.


ABS is a highly automated software system fitting various business sectors with enterprise resource planning concept [ERP] to streamline SME businesses which guarantees return on investment [ROI] thus growing with high level control and profitability.

Moreover ABS brings effectiveness on your business operations and people with competitive edge in the industry. It provides easy, accurate and timely retrieval of files and activity-oriented information through menu driven, user-friendly functions.

ABS consists of several modules suiting different business verticals which can offer you tight integrated solution with customized features.

ABS Major Modules include:

Argus Financials

Argus Financials is the central module of the ABS software which receives the data through General Ledger Posting (Direct/ Approvals) from all other modules such as HR and Payroll, Inventory, Projects, Real Estate, Fixed Assets, Transportation, Logistics, etc. to give you the final reports about your business in touch of a button. The whole process of keeping the accounts is highly simplified for the user with very user-friendly screens.

Argus Inventory System

Module enables you to control day to day Purchase, Sales and movement of stocks. It also helps in inventory tracking and controlling the levels of stock, both real-time as well as batch stocks. The software determines when stock needs to be reordered or needs to be scaled down because of less demand, which gives users complete control over the inventory life cycle. The software can also spot potentially unwanted and old dying stock.

Argus HRMS

system facilitates all employee information at your fingertips. The payroll management system can help you to control work force and their costs and ensure that the entire work force is processed on time and booked all provisions according to compensation rules. It provides easy,accurate and timely retrieval of Employee files, Expiries, Reminders etc and activity-oriented information through menu driven, user-friendly features.

Argus Real Estate Management System [REMS]

Relieves much of the stress and headache that property managers experience on a daily basis.The software records tenancy contracts, tracking of the rental units, tracking of payments from tenants, postdated cheque management, auto/manual monthly rental posting, property & unit ledgers and much more. It provides clear solutions addressing the major issues that property management firms face, through very user-friendly screens and easy steps

Argus Rent a Car / Limousine / Transport Management System:

Ideal solution for car rentals/ Limousine / companies gives heavy vehicles trucks, trailers etc on daily /monthly /yearly rentals with or without drivers. System enhances their operational efficiency and maximizes profits with greater controls. The software keeps vehicle information & its availability, vehicle rental agreements, vehicle maintenance, driver information & traffic violations, etc.

Argus Logistics

Targeted to automate the day to day service transactions of freight forwarding companies. The freight management software capable of handling Air, Road, and Sea transport management services efficiently by comparing the cost of the own services and outsourced rates, its integrated with financials for the timely invoices after closing each job

Argus Fixed Assets

Manages your company fixed assets such as vehicles, furniture, electronic items, machineries,etc. The software tracks the assets custodians, asset maintenance, warranty and calculation of its depreciation periodically. The software allow users to easily add new fixed assets, transfer assets among departments/ custodians, dispose of assets, and generate a full range of compliant financial reports.


The companies are faced with the challenge of becoming more competitive in today’s business dynamics. A proper information system gains lot more competitive edge directly and indirectly than the other players in the same business. Visionary companies recognize that creation and retention of customers are in evitable to the sustainable growth in the long run; this can’t be achieved without integrated business operations. ABS ERP put a better business practice and process in place in order to reach the organizational goal.

Whether your current manual book keeping practice or proprietary limited functional system donot deliver the efficiency at any terms, Argus can replace these out dated system to decentralized operations. ABS ERP consultants having hands on experience work with companies to incept a better system and practice to achieve their business objectives. Defining business rules, Mapping process flow, converting existing data from spreadsheets or database to ABS systems, Interfacing Accounting, Inventory, Sales, HR and Payroll, job functions are all taken care and deployed in a way that users experience functional easiness at all levels . Argus techies continue their support until the MIS reports are printed by the top level users.

After the implementation is completed, you need to protect your investment with top class training and support services. At Argus we pride ourselves on intimate customer relationships that are unmatched in the industry. For starters, training can be conducted at your site or ours, whichever is more convenient for you. Personal assistance is just a phone call away.

While look at the efficiencies and systematic business process on post implementation scenario ABS will definitely assures the return on investments [ ROI ] by eliminating redundancy and wastages man hours and materials and money.
On average 6 to 1 year period companies can feel it tangibly in comparison with previous years. Argus offers economical pricing in spite of the system features value high as enterprise level.


The system consists of very user-friendly screens, for operation by a novice user who is not completely aware of accounting process/ business transactions

ABS software is customizable to the functional requirements to the nature of the business. Argus customizes the Software as per specific requirements at a nominal cost. In case customer require any special functions and report specific to organizational needs can be addressed with this capabilities

No hard coding of any business logic. Customer define own rules / business logic. ABS has been designed to adapt such variations in business logic / rules from company to company. The advantage to you as a customer is that this avoids costly customizations and high turnaround of implementation.

This tool automates notification in any of your expiry/to do things. This will free your staff to focus on business issues and eliminate the administrative functions that provide minimum business value. Deliver your results faster, cheaper and better with the power of task automation. The user will be reminded for expiry, to do things, etc. The parameter setup facility allows the administrator to set the reminder type applicable to the selective users and the no. of days before from expiry.

This is highly useful feature in HRMS system where in one can apply for leave and the HR reviews it as 2nd user and passes it to the HR Manager, He can approve or decline by looking at the applicant details and his profile available in system. The reminder reviews can be recorded as a reference to the next upper level person. If 1 person in chain not taking action it can be addressed with another user with in the specified duration. The proper action should be taken against reminders, in failure; the remainder will be generated to the next upper level to control the subordinate’s work.

Prevents human errors which corrupt your financial and analytical data through auto system restriction and validation messages. We took utmost care to avoid system errors to occur by incorporating business intelligence.

The system is flexible, so that you can set up accounts and sub accounts according to your operating structure, which will help you to manage the business in better way.

Accuracy is the key point in the ERP system. The software validates the data for its correctness in order to avoid the human error. In case of any error system gives proper messages, if it found any error. So the system will accept the transactions and perform validations and generate the reports fast manner which will reduce the time.

The software provides important / frequently accessing details of various files and documents through quick search methods.

The system reports allow facilities like – Selection of fields the user wants to display, change of field position, field width adjustment, page settings, Field wise sorting, and Field Caption/ data changes if the user has rights, etc. System Option to export all Reports into Excel, Word, and PDF formats.

The information from all modules are fully integrated with Argus Financials to give you an accurate picture of your whole business.

The system allow this section for administrator to control the system parameters and privileges. It includes – User Groups, Users, User Companies, User Reminders, User Document Flow, User Group wise privileges, System Log, and system parameter values.

the system master files, documents and reports are secured through privileges like Add/Edit/Delete/View/Print. The administrator can manage these privileges through utilities section.

The system allows the drill down view of details that enables the user a better reporting experience. For example, user can view a Trial Balance and then select the required account and drill down till the vouchers.

the system keeps the transaction log, which contains info of user, date and time, and terminal. Add/ modify/delete of any file or document will be recorded in system log.

The system has the backup utility. Can also have auto back up with SQL Server utility to raid storage or remote storage.



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