Argus Logistics include the following modules:

  1. Service Master
  2. Job Master

    Separate Job Card for

    • Air import and Export
    • Land Import and export
    • Sea import and export
    • Courier import and export
  3. Service Assign (Income and Expense)
    • Own Service
    • Supplier Service
  4. Income Invoice (based on service assign)
    • Customer wise
    • Job Wise
  5. Expense Invoice (based on service assign)
    • Supplier Wise
    • Job Wise
  6. Ledger Posting (integrate with accounts)
  7. Job Related Reports
    • Job Register
    • Job status reports
    • Service List
    • Job income and expense report
    • Customer Invoice Summary
    • Supplier Invoice Summary
    • Service assign income list
    • Service assign expense list
    • Un invoiced income list
    • Customer aging
    • Supplier aging



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