Argus Transportation include the following modules:

Vehicle master

Give Alldetails aboutvehicle (Like Vehicle type,Istimara details, insurance details ,Driver Details ,etc)

Vehicle Rental Contract

Customer Details , Contract Registration , Payment Mode, Vehicle Conditions , contract period  etc

Vehicle Handover

Give All details about handover, Old Driver Details, New Driver Details, Vehicle Document Details and Vehicle Condition

Vehicle Service Form

GiveAll details About Vehicle Service Details, Current milage,Previous Service milage,Last Service Date, Service Type, garage Name, Invoice No, Work Requested

Vehicle Accident Details

Give All details About Vehicle Accident Details, Vehicle, Driver Details, Accident Description, No of Passenger, Location,Etc

Vehicle Repair Details

GiveAll details about Vehicle repair details, vehicle, Garage Name, Parts Details, Parts Cost calculation, Man hour Calculation, Total Amount calculation,Repair Type,Etc

Tyre Management

GiveAll details AboutTyre maintenance .Tyre location ,Direction , Brand ,date of Fix and date of Replacement

Vehicle Productivity

        Vehicle Productivity Contract

               Vehicle Productivity in Trip basis and Time Basis, Assign contract details,Customer Details ,Vehicle details, Rate         

       Hour Basis

               Details About hour basis rate,over time,duration,Over Time Calculation

       Trip Basis

                Details about All trip basis and trip base rate calculation

Traffic Violation Form

Details About Traffic violation, Violation Type,Driver,Vehicle,Paid by ,Date, Fine Amount

Vehicle Fuel Management

Details About vehicle, Fuel type, date fuel volume, Cost/Km,Cost Cumulative

Vehicle maintenance Schedule

Give Details about Service type , Description about Service and Service mileage

Preventive Maintenance Inspection

GiveAll details about Vehicles in daily basis, Vehicles Status(Tyre,Wiper,Body Damages etc)And Assign vehicle Travelling Distance Daily


  • Insurance Expiry
  • Istimara Expiry
  • Gate Pass Expiry
  • Service Expiry
  • Driving License Expiry


  • Vehicle Summary reports
  • Maintenance Reports
  • Handover Reports
  • Accident Details Reports
  • Tyre Maintenance Reports
  • Productivity Trip Reports
  • Traffic penalty Owner Wise Reports
  • Penalty Vehicle Reports
  • Traffic Violation Reports
  • Monthly Repair Reports
  • Fuel Consumption Reports
  • Productivity Time Base Reports
  • Productivity Summary Reports
  • Traffic Penalty Driver Wise Reports


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