Top 5 Best earphones under 500 in India (January 2021)

Best earphones under 500 in India

There are many people, who like to play games, for which they need good quality headphones, which are very expensive.

Not everyone has the money to buy expensive earphones, so today we are going to talk about the best earphones under 500 in India.

The best earphones under 500 in India reflect some of the ways in which the landscape has changed.

This is why our list of top headphones and earphones this year largely includes the best wireless headphones and wireless earphones.

We have taken the price as a strong factor for cost-per-money and overall package offers. 

Here are our top picks among the best wireless headphones and best wireless earphones under 500 in India in 2021.

Best earphones under 500 in India

1. BoAt Bassheads 152 in Ear Wired Earphone

Boat Bassheads 152, Serve Your Nirvana Scene with Bass Nysis. Equipped with 10 mm drivers, Get ready to turn up the place with that super extra bass. 

Step into the fashion game, with an effortlessly vibrant design available in trendy color variants. 

Always be one step ahead, perfect for hand earphones. This is one of the best gaming earphone.

Make calls using an inbuilt microphone and tune in freely with a tangle-free braided cable. This is best earphone under 500 for pubg.

It is designed for your convenience. Get ready to rock the rhythm with durable, heavy bass tunes to the max, as the private party had just begun. 

Just plug in with a 3.5 mm angled jack. The voice you are looking for has been found.

2. Boult Audio BassBuds Loop in-Ear Wired Earphone

In-line Controls: Answer or Reject or Calls, Play or Pause or Forward or Rewind Music, Voice Command
Ergonomically designed drivers.


Aerospace grade AL alloy drivers give the best acoustics, 3D HD sound, and punchy bass. IPX5 waterproof Earloop for Sport Fit.

Earloop holds your buds in ear stably, perfectly fit for running, climbing, hiking, cycling, etc.

Extra Bass: Boult’s Neodymium technology enables drivers to deliver extra punchy and deep bass with accentuates the warm mids and crystal clear sparkly highs Built-in Mic.

Condenser microphone for HD calls and Siri or Google Assistant voice command Compatibility.

Works with all OS, all Bluetooth enabled Smartphones, Laptops, PCs, Tablets, from all the brands

3. JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphone

The new JBL C50HI is a dynamic, ultra-lightweight in-ear headphone. This is best JBL earphone under 500 in India 2021.

Its powerful 8.6mm drivers deliver the feel-it-in-your-bones bass response and the legendary sound quality you expect from JBL.

 Considering feather-light for all-day comfort. An in-line microphone with universal remote control lets you talk and manage your calls on Android and iOS devices. 

Driver size 8.6mm; Frequency range 20-20kHz; Impedance 30 ± 4.5 ohms; Driver sensitivity 101 ± 3dBSPL, 1mW; Maximum SPL 10mW; Rated power input 3mW; Cable length 1.2M

4. pTron BoomGaming Wired Headphones

Listen to your music for longer with a comfortable, secure fit that won’t fall off; experience an in-ear soft silicone ear cap design that adjusts to your ear for maximum comfort.

Enjoy an evenly balanced sound that’ll boost your tunes while keeping them clear; benefit from the extended bass response and saturated midrange settings for crisp, yet powerful audio. This is best earphones under 500 in India.

pTron Boom Ultima in-ear headphones are widely compatible with all 3.5mm audio jack smartphones, tablets, MP3/MP4 Players, Laptop/Desktop Computers, and other audio devices. 

These high bass earphones with a microphone come with gold-plated audio jack and 1.2m tangle-free cable, covered by strong material of TPE, provides the slim and soft-touch feeling. 

5. Mulo Soultrip 500 in-Ear Wired Metal Earphone

Pure Sound – 10mm high precision drivers produce balanced audio that strikes clean treble sound, crisp vocals, extended highs and a rich bass.

Passive Noise isolation – 45 degree in-ear, anti slip and comfortable design which enhances noise isolation, fullness and bass.

In-built Mic – Enjoy hands-free calling with our hypersensitive mic placed with precision on the right side of the cable.

Multiple earbud sizes – The range of different sized earbuds(S, M and L), lets you customize your fit depending on the size of your ears.

Strong Built – L-shaped 3.5mm plug and high strength wire provide added durability and security, which minimizes wear and tear.

Buyers Guide

How to wear earphones properly?

You should ask yourself what kind of earphones you want, apart from that you stick in your ears.

An easy way is to try different flocks from the samples I mentioned and choose the one that suits you as you can only wish for that option.

Noise cancellation: Best earphones under 500 in India

Unlike sound isolating earphones that separate music from background sound, noise cancellation Earphones work to block any kind of noise around you. They are powerful, and even you can sleep in the noise.

Drivers: Best earphones under 500 in India

Drivers are the thing that produces sound. This is not a rule of thumb, but the majority of the time, the bigger the driver, the better the sound. 

So the stronger driver, the good the overall sound will be on your earphone. Drivers can increase bass, mids, and trebles for a good, better experience.

Frequency response: Best earphones under 500 in India

The frequency is measured in hertz (Hz). This refers to a range of audio frequencies that earbuds can repeat.

This is the rate range of headphones that produces, where the lower limit is bass sound, and the upper limit is three times.

Earwax cleaning: Best earphones under 500 in India

Flushing some of them with a non-removable tip is not easy for everyone. Earwax may be built on the driver’s ends, allowing them to affect the sound. 

Not being able to remove excess wax can block drivers. I would suggest making sure that you reach the end so that you can do the cleaning.


Which earphone is best for PUBG?

BoAt Bassheads 152 in Ear Wired Earphone is the best earphone under 500 for PUBG. In this price it gives you awesome features. You should try it .

Which is the best earphone under 500?

In this article i can try to give you best advise. In this article i choose best earphones under 500 in India. You can choose anyone. All earphones are best. You can also choose it for gaming.

Best noise cancelling earphones under 500 India?

BoAt Bassheads 152 in Ear Wired Earphone & JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphone are the Best noise cancelling earphones under 500 India. You should try it. They can give you best performance. 

How to identify left and right earphone?

Premium earphones have L and R cues but you can also know during your pub game. When the person comes with the sound of the right foot, it should be from the right earphones. You can test it in practice mode.

Does gaming earphones help to win games?

If you are a PUBG player then latency matters a lot if someone is approaching you and you hear it late and from the wrong earphone channel then you will be killed.

What is Type-C earphones?

If you do not have a 3.5mm jack, then you need to buy Type-C earphones. Type-C earphones have Type-C jacks instead of 3.5 mm jacks. There is no major sound difference.

How to increase bass in earphone?

First of all buy a good quality earphone. But if the bass is not very good, then follow these points.

1. Change the earrings according to the shape of your ear.
2. Insert the right channel into the right ear and into the left ear.
3. Play High Quality Music
4. Make them fit your ears perfectly
5. Change your mobile or PC’s EQ settings.

Does earphones effect ears?

It is up to you that yes they affect if you use them in high amounts but they are not affected if you use them at normal amounts.


So in this article, we talked about the Best earphones under 500 in India. All 5 mentioned products are best for PUBG gaming; 

You can easily choose any of them according to your budget. All are durable and support all types of smartphones. There is no compatibility issue in any product.

This article will help you to open your knowledge in the background of earphones and headphones. 

Hopefully, this will definitely help you at least get the best headphones and best earphones for PUBG mobiles available in the market. We hope this article has made your work easier.

Please comment below if you have any questions or suggestions. We are waiting for your questions and suggestions.

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